How to Use Skype for Voice and Video Chat on Your Android/iOS Device

If you are using your Android phone directly to send or receive Skype calls, you may not get the best audio quality. You might get some improvements if you use the speaker phone function on Skype, or if you use a hands-free headset to make those calls. Microsoft also recommends that your phone should be connected to a Wi-Fi network for the best quality Skype calls. You should also try to remove all current running tasks on your phone so that Skype is the only app running, and therefor the only one using your mobile network or Wi-Fi connection.

Here’s how to solve Skype problems on Android

Contributors In this article The Skype for Android SDK enables your Android mobile device application to start chat, audio, and video conversations with the Skype client.

Applies to: Help your users get in contact with you by instant message, video or voice call. Use Skype’s infrastructure to power your communication. Add this Gradle code to project level build. Add the following Gradle code to the app build. The embeddable button will initiate a Skype call to a specific Skype user. To create the button, you need to know the Skype user’s Skype Name. In most cases this will be one that you already manage.

If you don’t know your Skype Name, this guide will help you find it. If you want to initiate a call or chat with a bot built with the Microsoft Bot Framework rather than a human Skype user. To do this, get the Microsoft App ID for your bot from your bot page.

Once you have this, prefix the Microsoft App ID with ‘ The accountId will be of the format: Add the following code to the callback method for the click event of your Skype button: Update your Skype privacy settings You should make sure that the Skype Names that you are using are configured to allow incoming calls and messages from anyone. To change your privacy settings, install Skype on a Windows computer or Mac.

Read about how to change your settings from Skype for Windows and Skype for Mac. Depending on the modality you selected, you’re likely to have to change your privacy settings to allow either IMs or video from anyone. Note By default, Skype is setup not to allow instant messages from people that aren’t in your Skype contacts list. If you’re using the SDK for instant messaging, we strongly advise you to change your privacy settings.

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