If the download doesn’t start automatically, click the start it manually here link. Once the download is complete, open the downloaded file to start the installation. The Windows download file name is SmartMusic. On your computer open SmartMusic.
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If it is functional perfectly, I will not hesitate to give it the highest rate. Unfortunately, it has some really bad defects which makes I wish it has never been brought to this world. The band director of my child uses this software to automatically grade his students’ performance. The software, no matter on which OS, always have problem syncing the input with its music. As a result, students really have trouble to get perfect score even they play the pieces totally correctly.

My child almost struggles every week and plays hundreds of time just for catching a small chance the software behaves normally to give him the correct score. I did some test and found the software is far from robust in recognizing sound from real instruments.

Music from midi device seems OK for its rating system. I think it might be ok for amateur players to do excise with this software, but please remove the rating system to avoid misleading teachers and students. The software makers should be shamed on themselves for releasing such a defective educational software which is torching thousands of students everyday. I love that I get to play with a band, even when I’m by myself. I love it on the PC, that is, not this app. With the speakers at maximum volume, I hear the starting metronome clicks painfully loud but barely hear the band.

That would be bearable if not for the horrid, awful, terrible, misleading green bar that is supposed to give me a visual indication of the beat you know, like the conductor we would have in a real band , but it is always a fraction of a beat behind, sometimes more than a full beat behind in a fast tempo.

The only way to stay on beat is to close my eyes to tune out the green bar This is true on the PC version too but more bearable because I can crank up the volume of the accompaniment and hear the beat.

Much as it pains me, I can’t recommend this app and I suggest that music teachers stop requiring it. It only teaches the bad habit of racing ahead of the conducted beat. This app is great!

The idea of being able to play with a band is great. It helps especially for those who struggle with playing on their own or without the support of their fellow players. This app is buggy, glitchy, and oftentimes shuts down in the middle of a recording. The green bar that shows when to play is oftentimes far behind, the app picks up notes wrong, and makes it nearly impossible to hear the band that is what makes this app so desirable in the first place!

Even my band teacher agrees this app is bad quality.

Publisher’s Description

That will automatically download the play-along mp3 tracks to your computer. You can then practice along with each song on your computer or add them to your iTunes, iPod, or mp3 player to practice with elsewhere. I use Smartmusic at every lesson with students. It is incredibly powerful and the best tool to help students practice better at home. Smartmusic shows you the printed music from your book on your computer screen with a highlighted cursor that floats over your notes as you play.

VIDEO: SmartMusic (free version) download for PC

Smart Music Dark IOS app allows users listen to music via online or offline play on their iPhone with internet connection or without. It is fully. Because teachers never have to download a new version, it can be easy to update the content provided in the free version of SmartMusic. Follow these directions to set up your SmartMusic subscription, install the Once you’ve redeemed your code, click the Download SmartMusic button.

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