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Showing someone exactly what you see on your screen is sometimes the quickest and clearest way to communicate. With Snagit, you can select anything on your screen — an area, image, article, Web page, or error message — and capture it. Capture and share images, text or video from your PC. Create beautiful presentations, flawless documentation and quickly save online content. The latest version of Snagit offers a totally new interface and workflow – making SnagIt easier for beginners to use, while still providing maximum convenience and flexibility for the screen capture experts.
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Posted by Jason Cartwright on December 3, Review: For many users that many be overkill and a simpler solution is also available from the same company. Snagit is the latest version of their quick and easy capture utility and offers new features to make capturing what you see on the screen simpler than ever before. Something TechSmith understand better than most is that making capturing content easy is achieved by addressing end-to-end workflows.

Any software product is only as good as the feature list. Personally I use image capture a lot more than video, but having both in the one tool is fantastic. Workflows Often when creating media for this site, I need to capture an image, save it to a location, give it a filename and only then can I upload it to WordPress. SnagIt simplifies workflows like this by allowing you to set a predetermined save location and naming structure, so all you need to do is snip the area of the screen you need to capture and the file is created and ready for upload.

Using the keyboard shortcut function, you can call SnagIt anytime you want to perform this function. If you find a capture mode that suits you best, you can then set a keyboard combination to launch that capture quick and easily. Imagine you did work for 2 websites, each of which needed to have their images watermarked with the appropriate logo.

Using a different keyboard shortcut, you absolutely could. This customisation, paired with keyboard shortcuts, dramatically speed up your daily workflows, saving you time. SnagIt has a great feature that enables you to do this task, very simply.

Called a scrolling screenshot, the application drives the selected application window to scroll down the page, capturing as it goes and creating a single, long image that reveals the entire website. This is a massive improvement over previous workflows that would require the manual stitching of multiple screenshots in something like Photoshop. This function alone takes a process that used to take minutes and makes that seconds. Video capture Images are great, but there are time where you need to capture video.

This combination of options allow you to do either capture just the content on screen, or capture it and you talking a user through it, while they listen or see you. Still not sold? On the export dialog, you get to select the priority, is it more important to preserve quality, or to reduce file size?

The SnagIt gets to work to crunch the video and you get the result quickly and easily. A new Favourites tab allows you to get to your commonly used tools quickly. As the product matures, this is an important aspect of enabling user customisation. Stamp searching and browsing Snagit comes with around 2, pre-made stamps, containing icons, symbols, cursors, and more that can be easily applied to your images.

Great for marking up screenshots or even building simple infographics. Because these stamps are vector assets, they can be resized to fit your needs without reducing in quality.

Often this feedback cycle gets confused when the client focuses on the placeholder content rather than layout and design. SnagIt has a great tool to called Simplify which can automatically genericise a layout, removing specific texts, in favour of text areas, indicated by lines of colour. This is a quick and easy solution to a long standing problem. Typically this mean multiple exports and sending different files to different parts of the client business for review.

Support for high DPI displays Need to capture in higher than ? TechSmith Snagit is available at shop. If only that could be said about all that apps in our lives.

“Best screen capture product in the market, period!”

Buy Now Government Purchase Qualification TechSmith offers special discounts to non-profit and government-run institutions. From the federal to state to local level, our government and non-profit pricing structure can help your organization get the tools it needs. See if you qualify for government pricing. Purchase tax free online in most States Contact sales to purchase tax exempt from any of these states: If you’re a large enterprise or small business, we have a solution to fit your needs.

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Snagit is the latest version of their quick and easy capture utility . even better on devices such as Microsoft Surface and Macbook Pro. Compare Movavi Screen Capture Pro vs Snagit head-to-head across pricing, user satisfaction, and features, using data from actual users. Snagit is a popular screen capturing tool, but it is a paid software with options This tool also has a pro version which has more than 10 screenshot modes.

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