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Found a bad link? All VEGAS Pro versions have one thing in common and that’s that they offer incredible performance for the highest demands in video editing. Learn about the most important features in each version to find which one is right for you. New features include advanced archival tools, sophisticated audio metering, and the Vegas Pro Connect mobile iPad companion app. Precise editing tools Edit SD, HD, or 3D video with drag-and-drop functionality, extensive editing tools, and incomparable video effects.
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News: Boris FX Announces Bundle with VEGAS Pro 14 Suite

I’m sure it is going to take quite some time before the street name “Sony Vegas” is dropped from the vernacular. What’s new in version 14 of Vegas Pro? Here is the official list of everything new that has been added to the program. There has been 30 bug fixes applied to the program as well, which can you view here.

Added support for working with high-frame-rate HFR clips. Added hover scrub to the Trimmer for fast scrubbing. Updated support for current BlackMagic Design hardware: Fixed a color cast that could occur in clips shot with RED Motion Mount on the latest camera firmware.

Updated support for current AJA hardware. Added a Resample mode drop-down list to the Video tab in the Project Properties dialog. Improved gamma calculations for still-image sequence renders for bit floating point projects. Now levels for bit floating point video levels and bit floating point full range with nonlinear gamma are more consistent with 8-bit levels.

New artwork and icons for buttons and other interface elements give the application an updated, more modern look and feel. Native support for reading ProRes files without the need for QuickTime. My favourite new features after using Vegas Pro 14 for last 10 days Keep in mind that the features I like maybe completely different to you. I recommend everyone take advantage of the free 30 day trial and test the program on your own computer first, before making a purchase.

Here is my shortlist of favourite new features. This feature has been on everyone’s request list for years and I’m sure this will be well received by many existing Vegas Pro users. I was very impressed with how fast you can now scrub through a video to find the section you want use.

Preview Window performance Playback performance in the Preview Window seems to have improved quite a bit. There was generally less lag when playing back direct from the timeline. This is another request that has finally manifested and will make a lot of people very happy. Vignette Video FX New Vignette video fx is also a welcome addition and will sure to be put to good use.

I know some people are already complaining about this, however I think the small refresh looks great and was well and truly overdue. You can’t make everyone happy, especially when it comes to design. The basic stabilizer that came with Vegas for years, was very primitive and next to useless for many situations. Mercalli now solves that problem.

There are a couple of things about Vegas Pro 14 which I definitely don’t like. This basic option means no one can customise their settings for AC-3 audio output. I hope Magix is forthcoming with an explanation about this terrible decision. DVD Architect Pro is probably the most used program anywhere, for disc creation in To take this option away just makes no sense at all.

So if you use an older generation Nvidia GTX or series graphics card, it will no longer help you speed up rendering times. If you own a more modern graphics card, nothing has changed for you – your card will still not work in Vegas Pro 14 for accelerated rendering. I know this is a complex topic to explain properly, so I am not going to go into a deep discussion now about this now. Build version and higher includes the fix for this feature. To switch this option back on, Magix has added a preference setting that needs to be selected first.

Rendering performance generally slower than competition I have been testing many different video editing programs over the past three months. Specifically I have been testing how long it takes to render a video. I am not a programmer or tech head specialist, so I don’t know what or if anything can be done to improve this in Vegas Pro.

I really hope this is something that can be improved upon in future Vegas Pro generations. I feel like we have been waiting an eternity to see improvements in this critical part of the program. Once again, this is a topic that has been discussed ad infinitum on various Vegas Pro forums. Due to legal reasons, Magix had to remove all references to “Sony”. This seemingly small change, has created a nightmare for people who use a lot of scripts in Vegas Pro. If you do currently use scripts, you will need to edit them or wait for developers to release compatible versions.

New Blue FX is aware of this and working on program updates to remedy the situation. As is the nature with new releases of programs, there are often many bugs that come to light in the initial launch period.

If you know of any major bugs affecting only Vegas Pro 14, please let me know in the comments and I will add anything important to this article. To get the best performance out of Vegas Pro right now, you need to use the fastest CPU you can afford.

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