How to increase laptop volume beyond 100% in Windows 10

So what if you want to boost speaker sound overall? So while you may find the right volume booster app for your device and OS, it may take some digging, and while testing this, don’t crank it all the way up straight away! Volume Booster Download an Equalizer app The default audio controls on most phones are not exactly comprehensive. Android audio terminology explained It’s important to note that no app works miracles when the hardware is not working properly but with a couple of simple adjustments your sound quality can be improved significantly.
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The 5 Best Speaker Booster Apps of 2019

Twitter Advertisement Android is great for watching movies and TV, and listening to music and podcasts. So what can you do? Android Volume Booster Apps: If you want to find the best volume booster app for Android, the obvious place to start is a search on the Play Store. This turns up dozens of results, consisting of apps with the same name, great ratings, and huge numbers of downloads. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Perhaps specific apps do work on certain devices. Read More. All the free ones we tested were overloaded with intrusive ads. Some had ads that appeared after every tap on the interface. Others had ads that would pop up on top of other apps we used. A couple even played full-screen videos ads with sound. Equalizer Equalizers are generally the best option for improving sound quality.

They make your phone louder, and you can use the frequency sliders to tame any distortion that may appear as a side effect. With Equalizer you can choose from 11 preset sound profiles. If you upgrade to the paid version, you can create your own, too. Hit the Power button in the top-right corner to activate the Sound Amplifier.

Equalizer Free, premium version available 2. Equalizer FX This app covers similar ground to Equalizer with one significant difference: Equalizer FX Free 3. Precise Volume Precise Volume is a comprehensive volume app that offers something for everyone. You also get presets that will activate when you insert a set of headphones, and you can set custom volume levels for different apps How to Set Custom Volumes for Different Apps in Android How to Set Custom Volumes for Different Apps in Android Have lots of different apps on your phone that you need different volume levels for?

Here’s how to set that up just how you like. It gives the finest control over exactly how loud you want your phone to be. Precise Volume Free, premium version available 4. Now, when you start playing your media, hit the Settings button and select the Equalizer icon. In the next dialog box, find the horizontal slider at the top and drag it to the right to increase the sound level.

When you exit, you have the option to save your changes again. Unlike on the desktop, VLC on Android is great for music as much as it is movies. If you store a lot of content locally on your device, this could be a good solution for you. VLC for Android Free 5. MX Player For videos only, MX Player is also able to increase the sound of your movies by percent beyond the level your phone normally allows.

Now start playing a video. Swipe up the screen to increase the volume. Keep swiping and you can increase it by a further 15 points. The volume returns to normal when you exit the app. MX Player Free 6. Podcast Addict Podcasts can be a particular problem, even on phones that have decent speakers. Let us show you which apps to use. Read More have options that can help. This makes it possible to tweak the sound in your favorite podcasts to emphasize the voices while toning down music or audience noise.

That can be more effective than merely making the whole recording louder. Podcast Addict Free 7. It opens you up to using apps like Viper4Android, an awesome and incredibly powerful audio tool. Once installed, you can activate the eXtra Loud mode, which runs from Slight to Extreme strength levels. You can use different settings to boost the volume on headphones or Bluetooth speakers as well.

Would you like to set different volume levels on a per-app basis? We can solve these problems and more with a few awesome customizations. First, make sure you know where the speakers are and keep them clear.

Most phone cases have small cutouts for the speakers, which can easily become clogged with dust over time. A few acoustic tricks can work wonders. Placing your phone in a large glass will amplify the sound. Also, if your phone has a speaker along the bottom edge, cup your hand around it to divert the sound toward you.

Finally, remember that smartphone speakers are naturally limited. Read More to find your perfect match.

Top 5 Volume Booster Apps to Make Your iPhone/iPad Louder in Music

The loudness and clarity of the speakers is not software dependent, it mostly depends upon the physical size of the speaker. So, no matter what kind of volume booster you use, it cannot surpass a certain point. Important Note: Continuous use of these volume booster apps for Android may result in a blown speaker. I highly recommend that you either invest in a good Bluetooth speaker or get a pair of headphones, if you are listening solo. Are They Any Useful?

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iPhone speaker is not loud enough? Get these top volume booster apps to increase volume and make your music louder on The easiest way to increase the volume of an Android device is to use the volume How do I increase the speaker volume on my Android?. Simulate V6 / V8 exhaust sound with the KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro. Get free software for your own sound profiles ▻ Find suitable Active Sound for your car!.

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