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Minimum Software Requirement: Android 2. Once you click accept, the app will download.
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I can talk to lots of people and I really love it. I get on it and I go to text someone. In the middle of typing, the app will suddenly crash. So I have to re-Type everything. I go off the video and I go to text them right? It either crashes the entire app, makes me start all over on typing again, or just gets on my nerves with how often it does this. Another issue is how slow it goes.

Now, the app is great. I love it. I would really love if these issues are fixed! Thank you! We all live in tiny towns with no cell coverage. No cell coverage means no phone service at our homes. No cell service at our homes means no text messages – Especially pix or large messages!

So, we have to go with the flow and do what the world does. Text now works with our internet AND our cell provider so we can use it anywhere. Barely anybody texts us on our cell number anymore. My only complaint is phone calls. And it drops a lot. But, I have a feeling one day it will get there.

But aces for texting! I only dreamed of being able to text my best friend when I pleased, and not being only able to do it once a month, because she could only text me on her dads phone. Thank you so so so so much, I finally get my dreams come true, thank you text now. Thank you so much: Now this is terrifying to me.

Just kinda worried. Dropped one star.


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