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The original location was 15 Castle Street in London, but in the location moved to 21 Berners Street. This company was known for its biographies, as well as religious, children’s, and juvenile texts. The lawlessness of this setting was based on historical fact.
the pirate city

Draining the Sunken Pirate City

The original location was 15 Castle Street in London, but in the location moved to 21 Berners Street. This company was known for its biographies, as well as religious, children’s, and juvenile texts. The lawlessness of this setting was based on historical fact. Large amounts of navy deserters from the powers involved in the Napoleonic Wars gathered in Algiers in the early s.

Criminals of all countries used the town as their haven, joining one another in order to conduct piratical raids on ships near the north coast of Africa , leading to the city being deemed the ‘Pirates Nest’ by the seafarers of the time. Edward Pellew attacks the city of Algiers in order to rescue the city’s Christian inhabitants and disband the pirate forces.

This event, known as the ” Bombardment of Algiers ” happened in August , when British and Dutch forces, led by Exmouth and Van de Cappelan respectively, destroyed the corsair fleet harbored there. This attack was prompted by a massacre several hundred fisherman under British protection by pirates hailing from the city. Exmouth gave the Dey reasonable demands in order to find peace between the groups, such as the abolition of Christian slavery and delivery of all Christian slaves from Algiers.

Upon failing to receive a reply, the forces opened fire upon one another. Sadly, the bombardment settled little and piracy was back to normal within the year.

In , when the French annexed Algeria, piracy from the city came to an end. Lucien Rimini – Eldest brother of the Rimini clan, slim and well learned. Becomes a scribe for the Dey king in the pirate city. Francisco Rimini – Father of Mariano and Lucien. Signor Bacri – Jewish ship captain of the trading vessel that is captured by pirates. Wealthy trader that hails from Algiers.

Achmet Pasha – King of the pirate city who lives in an extravagant palace with his wife Ashweesha. Sidi Omar – Rival of Achmet Pasha whose ignorance leads to his eventual downfall.

Colonel Langley – British consul to the Algiers who lives in a fortified abode with his wife and two children. Paulina Ruffini – Italian woman and elder sister to Angela who is captured by pirates and taken to the pirate city to be sold as a slave. Angela Diego – Younger sister of Paulina, becomes the object of Mariano’s affection. Ted Flaggan – Irish sailor saved from enslavement by Colonel Langley who also serves as comedic relief. Zubby – African maidservant to the Langley family who serves as comedic relief.

Sidi Cadua – Rival of Achmet Pasha. Sidi Hamet – Rival of Achmet Pasha. Hadji Baba – Jester to the Dey king of the pirate city. Trickster of the story who double-crosses everyone for his own gain. Lord Exmouth – British Naval officer who attacks and rescues everyone from Algiers. Plot summary[ edit ] The Pirate City follows the three members of the Rimini family on their adventure to the African city of Algier, Algeria. The story begins in the Remini abode in Sicily, where Francisco and his two sons Lucien and Mariano are contemplating their trading expedition to Malta.

The ensuing scene shows the family putting up a worthy fight against their adversaries, but they are eventually overcome after Hassan threatens to kill an injured Mariano if they do not come peacefully. Hassan takes the Rimini family and Signor Bacri’s ship for his own and heads toward the city of Algiers.

On their way to the city, Sidi Hassan captures another Sicilian vessel along with two sisters, Angela and Paulina. The pirates also sail by a ship sailing the British flag, but they leave it alone as the British are said to be “protected”.

Hassan takes all of the characters to the pirate city and sells them into slavery alongside thousands of other Christians in the Bagnio , the slave prison. The family resists enslavement initially until a warning from Signor Bacri that describes terrible torture unless they remain passive. The Rimini family listen to Bacri’s advice and remain docile until an escape attempt presents itself.

The Riminis are eventually saved from manual labor, torture, and various inhumane acts by Signor Bacri, the wealthy Jewish merchant who was captain of the trading vessel that was captured initially by Hassan. Bacri bribes the dey king of the pirates in order to get Lucien assigned as his scribe. This allows Lucien to garner influence from Dey Achmet in hopes that he would eventually be able to save his family from slavery.

Paulina, one of the captured sisters, is given to the British Consul in the city, Colonel Langley. He keeps her as a maidservant in his household alongside an African woman named Zubby and an Irishman named Ted Flaggan; both of these characters portray racial stereotypes and act as comic relief for the rest of the text. Langley spends the rest of the text attempting to rescue various slaves, namely Paulina’s sister Angela who has been sent to the slave market to be sold only to be rescued by Signor Bacri at the last moment.

The position of Dey of the city is precarious, as all pirates covet the position. This is because the Dey takes tribute from all the consuls within the city in return for their country’s ships remaining unscathed on the sea.

This leads to internal strife and infighting amongst the pirates of the city; peace is rare. Pasha Achmet and his rivals battle for the position of Dey, leading to Dey Achmet’s decapitation. A new Dey, Hamet, gains the throne only to be removed form it on that same day by Sidi Omar with the help of Sidi Hassan. During this time, martial law is declared in the city and pirates begin looting everywhere there is not secured or protected. In the ensuing confusion of this looting period, Francisco and Mariano escape the Bagnio and meet up with Signor Bacri, who takes them to a safe house to wait out the looters.

While being transported, Mariano is captured again and sent to the Bagnio. This leads Lucien, Francisco, and Bacri on a rescue mission that fails. Lucien and Francisco then head to a hidden cave a short ways from the city in order to hide from being enslaved once again.

As Dey Omar takes the throne, he angers all of the European consuls due to his lack of respect and political knowledge. He attacks a Greek ship and a Danish ship and refuses to listen to the country’s consuls requests to relinquish them.

After Dey Omar refuses to negotiate with the consuls, Colonel Langley calls a meeting of all the consuls in the city. In a unanimous vote, they decide the pirates must be dealt with. Colonel Langley then sends for the British fleet. The fleet, which was previously too busy fighting other countries to deal with the pirates, arrives and saves the day.

The British Navy arrives with Lord Exmouth at the helm, and with the help of Irish sailor Ted Flaggan, destroys the city and the pirate fleet. The city is liberated all the Christian slaves are freed. The text ends happily with the Rimini family united in their abode with Mariano and Angela happily married with children.

Reception[ edit ] During his publishing career, Ballantyne’s writing style was both praised and criticized. An a publication titled The Athaneum commented on Ballantyne’s work by stating “The illustrations to [his] work[s] are beautiful, the descriptions of scenery are excellent, the adventures wonderful enough to satisfy the most inordinate wonder-seeker”.

To this, Ballantyne himself replied “I believe in the necessity for salvation, and I will always bring religion into my books, no matter what others may say. Ballantyne’s former works; it is both instructive and amusing”. Ballantyne writes in an easygoing and accessibile style and is a great storyteller who writes his stories with the moral solidity of Crusoe and the chivalry of King Arthur. The details in his work are factually accurate, and he gives his readers clear and stern messages about moral purity and godliness.

Yet by today’s standards Ballantyne’s heroes are sober, farsighted, and without a sense of humor. His works are full of completely unselfconscious racism that portrayed non-white natives in need of a white man the British to save them. Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external links , and by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view.

October Learn how and when to remove this template message This work of juvenile adventure fiction, also known as a Robinsonade , is a fantastic take on the foreign cities of Africa by one of children’s literature’s best novelists of the 19th century. Ballantyne puts great effort into making the entire story exotic and exciting. The description he puts forth of both characters’ dress and the living accoutrements portrays a rich city built on the backs of slaves.

Eric Quayle , author of “Ballantyne the Brave”, states that Ballantyne’s work “could be relied upon to stir romance and danger into humdrum affairs of everyday life and whose stories never failed to tingle with the steel of dramatic suspense and the bloodthirsty incidents so beloved by boys of all ages”.

His strict Presbyterianism made him embarrassed to mention sex at all. Even Ballantyne’s bad guys “never permitted themselves to be anything but perfect gentlemen in their encounters with [females]”.

All of the Christian characters are always great peril, but remain unscathed. Contrasting sharply with this are the “Mohammedans”, who torture one another without mercy and kill.

Ballantyne’s writing style is dialogue-driven with action-packed sections in every chapter. The story moves along at a quick pace that never becomes too dull for his young audience.

Themes[ edit ] One of the major themes of this novel is Christianity , and how followers of this faith are ethically and morally superior to those of other creeds. The contrast between the Mohammedans and Christians in the text is striking, with the former religion promoting torture, slavery, and violence whilst the latter is portrayed as having the proper morals and ethics.

Racism is another key issue in the text, as the Moorish, African, and Arab peoples are portrayed in a very negative light, in contrast with the white Christians who appear to do no wrong. Britain’s colonialist attitudes are reflected within the text, as “The certainties of [children’s literature] were based on an unquestioning nineteenth-century belief that could look to God and the King as absolute centers of truth”.

Victorian racial attitudes were inculcated in children’s through books of this genre and historical texts of the time. The effects of these prejudices still linger today in the British consciousness and attitudes towards foreigners. The women in the text are submissive to their male counterparts. James Nisbet “, “Wide, Wide World: Digital Edition”. The Scarecrow Press, Inc. Englishness, Heroism, and Cultural Identity: A Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Perspective”.

Children’s Literature and the Fin-De-Siecle. Wesport, CT: Praeger Publishers,

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