20 Best Android Emulators For Windows PCs and Mac 2019

You could be a mobile developer who is looking to test your apps before making them live, or you may just prefer to play mobile games on a bigger screen. Whatever the reasons, there are tons of ways you can run Android on PC, from using a virtual machine or an emulator to running an Android-based desktop application. Here are six projects that bring Android to your desktop. If what you want is an adoption of the Android OS in its original form, then this is the solution for you.
top best android emulator for pc

15 Best Android Emulator For Windows 10, 8 And 7

The full-fledged operating system expands your possibilities even further, you could install apps directly from the Google Play Store or install through apks make sure you enable installation from unknown sources. If you are a developer, then you could make use of if to test out your apps or games. Nox App Player After all, the whole package comes for free of cost, which is the notable thing among all.

If you need more information about this android emulator, check out our in-depth review here. Linux users, have to wait until they develop one for the platform, which is in the near future. Download Nox Player 2. What sets Remix OS apart is its dual booting capability, you could use as a desktop client or install Remix in a separate partition in x86 compatible systems.

Follow this guide to install remix OS 3. It does perform well in the demanding games but still needs refinement. Download Remix Player 3.

BlueStacks Uncommonly, BlueStacks is one of the most popular yet free emulators. It still runs on Android KitKat version, which makes it a no go for developers, apart from this it is nothing short than its rivals.

Also, there a compatibility with Android TV, if you are into that sort of thing. To play the graphics intense games, ensure that you have a dedicated graphics card installed on your computer. Unlike most of the Android emulators, you can open most of the apps or games in full-screen mode, which is a bonus for watching videos on Youtube or Netflix.

Everything is fine with BlueStacks, except the resource intensive nature. You can go with any BlueStacks alternative emulators, which we already covered here. Apart, from that everything is good enough. Download Bluestacks 4. GenyMotion If you are an app developer or one who tests lots of apps, then you should give Genymotion a shot which is one of the self-claimed developer suits. And other geeky stuff!

It is a paid android emulator, which turns off many. Many of the features are only available for the paid version, although there is a free version available to download, you are only limited to use few basic features for non-commercial purpose only.

If you are app developer professionally, then you should get your paid version without any doubt, nothing comes to it. Download Genymotion 5. Download MEmu 6. Andyroid Ever since the launch of Andyroid in , it has been a major player in the Android emulator market for a while now.

Giving the top priorities for the gaming sector, few games perform better in Andy when compared with other emulators. To take things to next level, you can control the gameplay with your Android device if it is synced with the emulator.

It could run most of the apps available on the play store, including communication apps like Hangouts, IMO and others. You can customize anything right from the launchers to the lock screen. The Android skin it has got is stock and without any bloatware, Google Play stores services come by default. Andyroid Emulator Unlike other developer kits, you will not get apps testing environment you have to deal with what it has got.

It is targetted towards to broad demographic audience who likes to game, multitask and do the normal usage. Download Andyroid 7. Ko Player Ko Player is another great Win-only Android emulator, which is decent enough to give a shot. Ko Player It needs a discrete graphics solution and virtualization technology, you could easily enable in your BIOS settings. The one con being, it is only available for Windows, for Mac users you have to wait until they come up with one. Meanwhile, check some other emulators which are far better than Ko Player.

Download Ko Player 8. The major drawback being the lack of apps support, apps require any sensor information and apps which use closed APIs might not work in YouWave. It brings nothing new to the table, but if you are looking for a basic software to emulate the Android apps and does light gaming then you can check Youwave. But anything above this requirement you have better options. Download Youwave 9.

Once, you have grounded yourself with the setup, you could play around with Android like you do on a physical device. If you still unable to get through this step, follow this guide by howtogeek. Better go with an android emulator for your computers, rather than downloading iso and setting up the instance.

Android Studio grown by leaps and bounds since its initial release in as beta. Now, Android Studio also includes an inbuilt emulator to try out the app you develop. Sort of. Android Studio is meant for developers, not for consumers, so that emulator would be most suitable for developers. You can check more the emulator by clicking here. Download Android Studio Xamarin Android Player Update: After the successful run, Xamarin Android Player is discontinued.

You can continue with the Visual Studio but you will not find any emulator. As you might know, every mobile app development comes with a built-in emulator to test things. If you have got touchscreen laptop or any trackpad, it is compatible with most of them. Xamarin Android Player It is not meant for general consumption, so the consumer might find it hard to navigate.

And without Visual Studio you cannot use the emulator, if your desktop is low powered then this might crash.

Download Xamarin LeapDroid Update: Unlike other emulators, LeapDroid has sharp features built-in which is best for enhanced gameplay, seamless apps, games compatibility. LeapDroid If you are into gaming, then LeapDroid is the hands down emulator you need. Unlike others, It boots in seconds which is crucial.

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November 29, For those who are wondering, there are numerous reasons why you might want to use an Android emulator on your Windows PC. For instance, Android developers can debug their apps right onto their desktop, gamers can enjoy Android-specific games on a larger screen and the list goes on. The problem with Android emulators is that a lot of them are finicky and tend to not work as advertised. All of these apps should work on Windows 7, 8, 8. The Remix Central app offers you recommendations of trending apps and games you can download. It supports Google Play Store, so you can download apps and games with no extra setup.

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Listed in this article are top 5 Android emulators for PC, along with their . Install through Browser: This is indeed the best and most useful feature of Andy. Looking for the best Android emulator to run mobile apps on your PC? Here are the 5 best emulators so you can play Android games in no. Looking for best Android emulators for Windows PC or Mac ? and straightforward user interface make the Bluestack as the top performing player. To play.

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