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tuneup utilities 2014 64 bit

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Download TuneUp Utilities from official website link given below. You can perform a full installation which is completely automated. Optionally you can do a custom installation. In this method you will get the choice to change installation directory and select Context Menu entries made by TuneUp.

Once done, proceed with the installation. Once installation is completed. Two shortcut icons will be created on your desktop. Start TuneUp Utilities and it will ask you to Check for updates. I will be showing you each and every feature, so that you people can make use of it effectively.

Also, I will be sharing my experience with you. Starting with, TuneUp 1 Click Maintenance. After installation you will see an icon on your desktop. Double click it to start quick maintenance. TuneUp One Click Maintenance just performs quick optimization. For deep optimization and advanced results you can use other features of TuneUp Utilities Just start the TuneUp Utilities and you are ready to go. Clean up When TuneUp Utilities is started, you will be taken to the clean-up tab.

In this section we will go through each aspect of cleaning TuneUp provides. Optionally you can find and remove duplicate files. Review large files that are hogging hardisk space. Tick all areas where you want the optimization to be done. Click Clean button and TuneUp will start the optimization process.

Clean up browser option helps you to optimize installed browsers. It is recommended to uncheck Saved passwords field. This will prevent TuneUp from deleting your saved passwords in installed browsers. You may uncheck other fields if you want. Remove broken shortcuts feature removes all broken shortcuts on your computer.

Using this feature all leftover broken shortcuts will be removed from your computer permanently. Disable Windows functions can be used to disable all unused Windows functions. Functions, which takes a lot of disk space, so disabling them is always a good option. Find and remove duplicate files used to remove duplicate files on your computer. Finding and deleting duplicate files is always a pain but this feature does it very well. Some duplicate files maybe important for you.

So make sure, you take a look at — What you are deleting? For example- You have Dropbox installed on your computer. You have a file named Future Plans. It will show you those files also. So make sure, to take a look before deleting. TuneUp scans all areas of your computer and finds all duplicate files. Remove the duplicate files accordingly. Find and delete large amount of data is used to find large files on your computer and delete them permanently. Helps in gaining more disk space and create a room for new files.

Large files on your computer can be your movies, TV shows, data backup and other important things. Use this feature carefully. In case you mess up with this feature, you may delete your important files. Select drive you want to analyze for large files and data.

Click Next to start the process. As you can see, most of the large files are movies. You can analyze and delete files from here.

Securely Delete data — When you delete any file from your computer, it goes to recycle bin. Still, that file is recoverable. To permanently throw away files from your computer, use this feature. Files deleted by this program are not recoverable. It is particularly helpful when you want to destroy an amount of information which is private. Now, that is all about Clean up options in TuneUp Utilities You can also check for Hardisk Errors, restore deleted files, manage running processes and view System information.

You can easily fix these problems with this feature of TuneUp Utilities. Select the problem which you are facing. These are the problems which most of the users face most of the time. You may not find all problems, because you never know — Which problem occurs suddenly at a given point of time.

Check Hard disk for errors is a very useful option. It prevents bad sectors on your Hard Drive. Do this optimization, thrice a month can prevent your hard disk from bad sectors and failure. But if you drive has then select Normal Analysis and optimize your drives.

TuneUp will remove all the errors in one go. Use restoring search criteria to filter your search. You can give extension of the file. For example —. MKV etc. You can also search for 0 byte files by selecting the option Search for 0 byte size files.

Once, the search is completed. TuneUp will show you all deleted files from your specified location. Select the file you want to restore and click on Restore button. TuneUp will ask you — if you want to restore the file at its original location or you want to specify an alternate location. Display and close running process — Close running process and save memory for other programs.

This feature will let you display and close programs without opening the Windows default Task Manager. Show system information is used to display complete information of your computer like- Hardware in use, Software information etc. It plays an Important role where you have the option to customize application behavior.

Additionally TuneUp Styler helps you to modify Windows appearance. It helps users to apply various themes and icon sets. You can use default themes comes with TuneUp Utilities. And you can also download themes from TuneUp website. Personalize options and behaviors — You can change Windows animation effects, menu appearance and other visual things with this feature. This is a DIY feature because every person has its own taste of themes and animation. Personalize the appearance of Windows — With this feature you can apply icon sets, themes, animations and modify the look of whole Windows.

Disable unused resource hungry applications and disable unnecessary startup applications. You can disable installed programs, disable start-up programs, uninstall installed programs, configure automatic optimization, clean registry, defragment registry, optimize system start-up and shutdown and defragment hard disk.

Disable programs — You can disable those programs which are not frequently used. It helps in faster performance of your computer. Whenever, you want to use any disabled program you can easily enable it. You can disable startup programs which will help in reducing boot time. Disabled startup program will load after system startup or whenever you want. Uninstall programs — You can uninstall installed programs with this feature.

Not so different from default windows uninstaller. Configure Live Optimization — You can configure Live Optimization for automatic 1 click maintenance at specified intervals. It is enabled by default. You just have to specify the optimization time. It optimizes Windows Registry for better performance.

Once you click Start Cleaning button.

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Tweet Has your PC slowed down recently, become more unstable? TuneUp Utilities claims to offer a far simpler solution. Does this really work, though? The lengthy feature list is promising, with TuneUp Utilities including tools to clean and defragment your hard drive, control your startup programs, clean up your browsers, fix Registry problems, explore hard drive space, solve common PC issues, apply useful Windows tweaks, and more.

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Download locations for TuneUp Utilities P.3, Downloads: MB – WinXP,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows 8,WinVista,WinVista x64 – Support. All files are PE32 executable for MS Windows (GUI) Intel bit. Key Features. Cleanup: TuneUp Utilities is packed with various tools that can erase junk files and unnecessary applications easily. [sws_ui_toggle title=”Win Free TuneUp Utilities Serial Key in box_size=” ″] Note: There is only one Installer for 32 & 64 Bit Windows.

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