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User experience has always been one of my passions, because it can turn a powerful program into an unusable mess or transform the most basic program into a joy to work with. I also have experience working with the other major Wondershare video editing program, Filmora , as you can see from the review on SoftwareHow. Even though I am experienced with their programs, Wondershare has had no editorial or content input on this review and has not impacted the findings in my review in any way.
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Wondershare Video Converter Review

User experience has always been one of my passions, because it can turn a powerful program into an unusable mess or transform the most basic program into a joy to work with. I also have experience working with the other major Wondershare video editing program, Filmora , as you can see from the review on SoftwareHow. Even though I am experienced with their programs, Wondershare has had no editorial or content input on this review and has not impacted the findings in my review in any way.

I have contacted them to inquire about the only bug that I encountered using Wondershare Video Converter, opening a support ticket with their virtual help department. I received a reply from a support agent, but it was essentially a scripted response that did not directly address any of my concerns or answer the simple question I asked.

What Is Wondershare Video Converter? Wondershare Video Converter is a professional-grade video conversion suite which supports almost any video format in use today. While it is capable enough to be used by professional videographers looking for a fast conversion tool, it is also easy enough for beginners to master with only a few minutes of practice. Some of its main features include: Convert videos to almost any format Edit videos to make them look more professional Burn videos to DVD for sharing with families or friends Transfer media files to your other devices A video toolbox that allows you to fix video metadata, record desktop activities, cast videos to TV, etc.

Both Windows and Mac versions of this software are absolutely safe to use. The initial installer program passes scans from Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes AntiMalware, and so do all the other program files that are installed.

The installer program connects directly to the Wondershare server to download the latest stable version of the software, and it does not attempt to install third party software of any kind. Is It Free? Wondershare Video Converter is not free software, but it does have a limited trial mode as well as two other tiers of the software: The Free version of the software has a limited range of supported video formats and will only download videos from Youtube, while the Pro version has wider support for non-DRM video formats and no online restrictions.

The Ultimate version has no limitations on usage once it has been registered, but the free trial of the Ultimate version has the following limitations: How Much Is It? Video Converter Ultimate has 4 possible purchase options. Fortunately, the user interfaces on both versions are almost exactly the same, so JP will point out the differences if they are worth noting. There are five main areas of the program easily accessible with the filmstrip at the top of the opening dashboard screen: Convert, Download, Burn, Transfer and Toolbox.

You can even batch convert a bunch of files at once to the same format using the settings in the top right, which will provide a huge productivity boost for those of you preparing videos for upload to the web. When choosing your target video format, you have a huge range of preset options built into the program to make conversion as easy as possible. The Effect panel is a bit limited, but it can be useful to create a certain mood or style for your converted videos.

All common subtitle formats are supported, and there is a handy link to the OpenSubtitles project website that can be accessed by clicking the search icon. The audio section of the video editor is extremely limited, only allowing you to control the volume of your converted video. Video Converter Ultimate lets you download online video from a huge range of sources including Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo, and then convert them into the file format of your choice. Downloading is extremely easy to do.

Video Converter Ultimate accesses the URL, analyzes the type of video it finds and then provides you with a series of options about how to handle the result. If you run into an error when trying to access the video URL, Video Converter Ultimate will prompt you to either retry or to use the built-in screen recording function as an alternative video capture method.

Burning Videos to DVD This is one of the least-developed sections of the program, but since DVD is already on the way out as a standard video disc, this might not be too big a problem for most users. The basic functionality is quite straightforward, and operates in a similar manner to the conversion window. You add all the files you want to include on your DVD, and then make any edits or adjustments to the video in the same way as you would when converting.

The issues arise when it comes time to create the menu screen. You can choose to have no menu, but that means your videos will simply start playing in sequence as soon as you load the DVD.

If you want to create a menu, you have a limited number of preset menu screens to choose from which can then be customized in terms of background image, music and text content — but the buttons and text placement cannot be changed, and the text windows do not adjust to fit the amount of text you enter. Transfer The Transfer section is essentially just a file manager for uploading videos to your mobile device without having to switch to another program.

Video Converter Ultimate easily recognized my old iPhone 4 and had no issues transferring files to the device. It was less successful with my much newer Samsung Galaxy S7, and also seemed to be under the mistaken impression that I had a Samsung SM-GP connected at the same time. After initially recognizing the S7 correctly, it was unable to connect even after I enabled the MTP connection on the smartphone.

It provided a helpful on-screen guide to enable USB debugging mode, but unfortunately it was only applicable to Android versions 6 and below. A quick Google search showed me how to enable it on my device, but there were still some issues.

The Toolbox of Video Goodies Last but not least we reach the Toolbox section of the program, which offers 5 additional features that can be used with your videos: The metadata editor could be useful for people who are not comfortable editing the properties of files using Windows Explorer, but it might have been more useful if it was incorporated as an option during the conversion process. The Cast to TV feature seemed to be off to a good start by immediately recognizing and connecting to my Chromecast, but it was unable to actually play any of the videos I sent with it — even ones that I have played using Chromecast previously.

This makes it feel like another unfinished addon feature that would be better reserved for further beta testing before being included in a public release. At least you can just easily convert it to whatever format you need with the main part of the program!

Apple has a better — and free — tool called QuickTime that allows macOS users to quickly record activities on an iOS device or Macintosh desktop. You can read more from this guide the first method.

As you can see from the screenshot below, to record screen videos on Mac, Wondershare actually requires users to install a Virtual Sound Card. The final piece of the Toolbox is the GIF maker, which will probably be a great deal of fun for those of you who love GIF reactions on social media and image sharing sites.

It can handle almost any type of video format, and the download and convert feature works just as well. Many users may be better off with the cheaper Pro version of the software, which supports just as many file formats. Ease of Use: Its clean and minimalist user interface makes learning the software as fast as possible with little to no training, and batch conversion of multiple video files becomes as easy as processing a single file.

When there is more user-specific issue such as I experienced with the Transfer feature, there were built-in instructions ready to help me. While they were out of date for me, they would likely have been of assistance to the majority of Android users. Unfortunately, the response that I received when submitting a support ticket seemed to be a scripted response that did not answer my simple question about device support. It has stronger editing tools, including better audio editing support, and a similar interface.

Read our best video converter software review for more free and paid options. Conclusion For those of you in need of a fast, reliable video converter that can handle almost any video file format, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a good choice.

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Introduction Thanks for your interest in Wondershare Video Editor – the easy-to-use and trendy video editing software that lets you produce cool videos, regardless of your skill level. Magic Wondershare Video Editor gives you a helping hand to get started with any new movie project by importing and editing your video, adding special effects and transitions and sharing your final production on a DVD, mobile device or the web. Easy Mode lets you easily create your own movie by providing various built-in templates. Full Feature Mode comes with all the fully-customizable timeline editing features to arrange scenes, edit clips, and add vivid polish to your movie. After launching Video Editor, choose a mode to get started. Please make sure you select the right aspect ratio for your video display 4:

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Multimedia tools downloads – Wondershare Video Editor by Wondershare Software Co., Ltd. and Wondershare PDF to Word Converter is a professional PDF tool to convert PDF files to fully editable Microsoft Word. Interesting tutorials. Wondershare Filmora is video editing software for the novice or casual user. Read our review to see if it’s right for you. Filmora is an easy to use but very powerful video editor made by Wondershare. Recently we purchased and tried out the “Wondershare.

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