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Vintage Accordion

The Accordion Music first! This instrument is one of the most acclaimed vintage accordions on the market. Its sound, with the “tube chamber” solution, allows the musicians to explore all the expressive possibilities that an accordion can produce!

In this nice place I had the possibility to meet amazing people who dedicated their life to the sound of this instrument. Some of theese, like Vitaliano Morbidoni photo and now Roberto Morbidoni knows all the secrets of the accordion sound and construction. Recording Take it! Analysis Observation! By a careful analysis of the sound I found a great variation of the harmonic spectrum during the dynamic range of the reeds. This fact depends on the high quality of the hand made reeds of the instrument.

Yes, I tried to reproduce this amazing feature! A special filter modulated by expression pedal allows a great “crescendo” effect to obtain a real bellow controlled sound. A Tremolo effect is modulate by “modulation wheel” Loops Play it again Sam! In this way, you can play very long notes from your instruments without interruptions.

I provide to set various presets, from left and right hand together to single register presets to manage every MIDI configuration. Controls Power is nothing without control Control panel with: Accordion registers are selectionable in the control panel or by Key-switches.

UVI Powered Play it now and Vintage accordion comes with its own sample player, the Uvi Workstation 2 v2. Uvi provides it for free! It works on Mac You can use it with Motu Machfive too v. Copy Protection Save your sounds! You can register your virtual instrument to your computer or to an iLok key version 1 or version 2. To authorize your library, please download the iLok authorization manager.


Listen Overview Devinity is a deep-dive into Falcon with renowned Atlanta-based electronic musician and sound designer Richard Devine. One of the industry’s most cherished and recognizable figures, Richard has a profound love for sound and technology, writing and performing his own music and being called upon to design sound for many of the world’s most successful companies. In Devinity, Richard shares patches detailing his exploration of Falcon, showing off his unique style and approach to sound design. No one understands this better than the man himself, so to give us some insight to his process and inspirations Richard kindly agreed to sit down with us and talk shop. Artist Interview UVI:

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Psound by Paolo Principi develops musical virtual instruments (UVI Powered). Vintage Electric (electric piano Rhodes Mark I ), Vintage Accordion, World . Please consider in the future at least making the torrent files available on a . Hi UVI, you could rent a seed box for your torrents so there’s. World Suite by UVI is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin and Soundware (e.g. samples or presets that load into other products). It includes, and is therefore.

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