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Using VM Workstation for Advanced Networking – select the contributor at the end of the page – VM Workstation is software that can be installed on top of an existing operating system to host different Virtual Machines Figure 1. It is great for trying out new operating systems and testing new software in controlled environments. It is perfect for developers; it is a very valuable tool to create complete labs and it can do much more, even in hosting some production virtual machines. Figure 1 — Windows 7 virtual machine If you need to know how to create a new virtual machine, see this tutorial on installing Windows 7 in VMware Workstation. In this configuration the host will act as a router that hides the virtual machine behind it.
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VMware vs. Virtual Box: Comprehensive Comparison

Workstation 14 Pro now supports Trusted Platform Module 2. The networks that can be renamed are the ones you add other than the default VMnet0,1 and 8. Another great addition is the Network Latency simulation feature which allows you to stress test applications, amongst other things, by introducing packet loss, latency and bandwidth capping. This works on virtual machines on a per-vNIC basis. For further details have a look at the official documentation.

Advanced networking features include induced latency and bandwidth capping for testing purposes 6 — ESXi Host Power Operations As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, you can now put and pull out ESXi hosts in maintenance mode as well as shutting and restarting them. To this, you must connect directly to an ESXi host. The feature is supported on local folders, network shared storage and USB drives.

Use the Scan for Virtual Machines option from the File menu to run the feature. You can scan an entire drive if you wish with the scan location set to default virtual machines folder as shown. The upgrade process is plain sailing. Run the installer and follow the wizard which will automatically select between a clean install or an upgrade if Workstation is already installed.

If not, press Finish to commence the day evaluation period. The feature does not work if the VM is in full screen mode and is not supported on Linux guests. To enter Unity Mode, first ensure that your VM is not running in full-screen mode and select Unity from the View menu.

Once you do, hover over the Start menu on host OS, that is where Workstation is installed. You should see an additional Start menu, which basically is the menu from the VM running in Unity mode. You can see the start menu for the VM in the bottom-left corner of the next screenshot. Have any questions or feedback? Leave a comment below! Download a day trial OR the free version at https: Prior to joining Altaro as a blog writer and QA tester, I was employed as an infrastructure engineer at a cloud services provider working exclusively with VMware products.

The Altaro VMware blog enables me to share the experience and knowledge gained and, much to my surprise, is what got me the vExpert award. Besides being a techie and a science buff, I like to travel and play guitars. I also do some photography and love having a go at playing the occasional XBOX game, Halo being my absolute favourite. I am also a proud father of two and parent to a crazy Dachshund called Larry.

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MD5 Checksum: VMware Workstation Pro transforms the way technical professionals develop, test, demonstrate and deploy software by running multiple xbased operating systems simultaneously on the same PC. Built on 15 years of virtualization excellence and winner of more than 50 industry awards, VMware Workstation takes desktop virtualization to the next level by giving users an unmatched operating system support, rich user experience and incredible performance. VMware Workstation takes advantage of the latest hardware to replicate server, desktop and tablet environments in a virtual machine. VMware Workstation makes it really easy to evaluate new operating systems, test software applications and patches, and reference architectures in an isolated and safe environment.

VIDEO: VMware Workstation Build Download for Windows 10, 8, 7

There are other ways to transfer a VM, like exporting the VM to an OVF So I had to change it to either ESXi or to Workstation 12 or earlier. After using VMware workstation 12 pro for about 10mins on a fresh Ubuntu host, the guest VM (Windows 10 x64) will start locking up until. With VMware, the installation process is pretty straightforward. virtual disk is incompatible with this Workstation x virtual machine. Adding.

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