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Lots of people asking about Akamai netsession client. What is it? Sometimes windows firewall blocks it or antivirus softwares popup warning about Akamai netsession Client. What is akamai netsession client and what you should do; What is Akamai netsession client? Akamai netsession client makes your downloads and streams more reliable and improves the speed.
what is akamai net session

What is Akamai NetSession Client in Windows

What is Akamai Netsession Interface? Akamai Technologies developed an app called Akamai Netsession client Interface to improve the speed and quality of downloading media over the Internet. It is a secure application that can be installed on Windows and other user operating systems. Akamai Netsession app is widely used in enterprises and business settings where one needs to download large files from servers. Akamai Netsession Interface — Key Uses You can download and install the Akamai Netsession interface to improve end-user downloads and create a unique way for peer-to-peer content delivery.

The best features of Akamai Netsession Interface include — large files downloads without prompts reduced download time a simultaneous increase in the download quality smooth management dozens of ongoing downloads It is a client-based app, and works as an interface between two or more user computers. Sooner or later, your Windows operating system finds technical issues while running this app. To start off, the Akamai Netsession Interface is dubbed to be a secure app. But, several Windows users face security alerts while running the Akamai Netsession app.

Is Akamai Netsession a Harmful App? The software is developed considering various security protocols. So, it is not that the software developer has completely ignored the safety of Akamai Netsession Interface.

After my computer undergoes an automatic reboot, I get a Windows Security alert. The message reads — Windows Firewall has blocked some features of Akamai Netsession Client… Akamai Netsession Interface could be harmful if the app tries to communicate to public or private networks without your permission.

Is Akamai Netsession a Virus? Users should not consider Akamai Netsession Interface as a virus. It is an app that is borderline harmful. The real problem with Akamai Netsession comes when the app creates a server to keep connected user computers in the loop for downloads. Before you find out how to remove Akamai Netsession Interface, you can consider keeping the software on your Windows computers.

The app is more reliable than other download managers. Later, restart your computer to put the changes into effect.

Ways to Completely Remove Akamai Netsession client on Windows 10

After testing it more on my computer, I realized what its used for Or at least in my case anyways. I belong to a Gaming Site Aeria Games and with their games that you download and Patch, it allows for transfers between those that have the same files you are updating to seamlessly. Since the game is always updating with new content every week, the game its self needs a way to send you patches so you don’t have to wait for it when you do end up wanting to play it. Another noted Game that uses the same system is World of Warcraft as well as many video Broadcasting softwares. Uninstalling it will have no ill effects outside of If you decide you want to use the program it was attached to and there was a recent patch, you are going to have to wait and download it to use the program again. But in the end as a little information for you.

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It’s the Akamai Net Session Interface. Ick. in my Windows Task Manager. You can always right click on suspicious. Akamai NetSession is a p2p technology. This means that you get media content not only from Akamai servers, but also from other users like. You want to know if you can uninstall the Akamai NetSession Interface and still run your Autodesk product. The Akamai NetSession Interface is.

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