From HideMyAss: Our VPN service includes access to our entire network of over servers and more than , IP addresses in over countries worldwide. Easy connection Simply enter your username and password into the dashboard, select one of our VPN servers and click connect.
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HMA! Pro VPN 4.4.141

The company was started by Jack Cator in Norfolk, England. In he introduced HMA as a subscription service and it expanded rapidly and has never looked back. These are spread between over countries around the world. This means they can offer their subscribers a choice of over IP addresses in geographically diverse locations to help them surf the Internet more securely with greater privacy. They market their VPN service as a single package.

Like most top providers, they offer increasing discounts on their longer term plans. November update: HMA is currently running a Cyber Month promotion. HMA provides the following benefits for all of their subscribers regardless of their chosen plan: They accept the following credit cards: You can also pay using PayPal if you prefer to pay all of your online payments from one place. WebMoney is available in: Bank and wire transfers are only available for account renewals.

Bitcoin is no longer supported. New orders are covered by the HMA money back guarantee, except for orders made via OneBip or through the Apple iTunes Store, which they are unable to refund. You are entitled to a full refund if all of the following apply: It is the first order made on your account e. If you have exceeded the 10GB bandwidth limit but your original order is for more than one month, they may issue you a partial refund based on your usage.

Such partial refunds are made at their sole discretion. Thirty days should be enough time for you to completely test out their VPN service and support. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with it and you meet the other criteria, they will refund your full purchase price. No refunds will be given after thirty days from the purchase date. It has grown in size and performance over the years as technology has advanced. This allows them to offer faster connections to a wider range of restricted sites around the world than many VPN providers.

Here is a list of the cities in each region, sorted by country: What is more when requested by the proper authorities, they will hand over that information as they have done in the past. In September , they were instrumental in catching 23 year-old college student Cody Kretsinger, purportedly to be a member of the hacking group LulzSec which hacked into Sony Pictures Entertainment.

It further states that should such illegal activity be brought to their attention by mean of a UK court order they will turn over all logs they have of the users activity.

When you use our VPN service the only data we collect is as follows: This VPN data is stored for between 2 and 3 months on our secure servers, after which time it is deleted, except in certain very limited circumstances see below. If we are notified or detect that your VPN account has been used in breach of our terms of service, e.

If your account is identified by us following a notification that it has been used in breach of our terms of service, we reserve the right to suspend your account to prevent further abuse, however, in such circumstances we will never voluntarily hand over your personal data to a third party unless we are legally compelled to do so in accordance with English law.

HMA assigns all of its IP addresses dynamically and they are randomly attributed to their users when they connect to their VPN service. Each IP address is only assigned to one user at a time. This means they know who has what IP address and the time they have it from the logs they generate. This pretty much spells out their logging policy. They do log and store the information for up to three months. If HMA suspects illegal activity violating their TOS, they will retain the logs longer and turn over the logs when compelled by English law.

We leave it for the user to decide if this policy is suitable for their individual VPN purposes. It should be noted that we think that if privacy, even from your trusted VPN is a real concern to you, then HMA is probably not going to be your best choice.

By default, it uses bit key exchange and bit preshared key for verification that the key actually came from a HMA server. It uses bit encryption with bit keys, bit encryption for control channel e. Initial authentication is made using preshared bit keys. The protocol you use determines the strength of the encryption.

In our dealings with the staff behind the live chat, we found them friendly, fast, and professional. The answers they provided to our questions were on point. The image below shows a couple typical online chat sessions. The first screenshot shows the response we got for a question regarding protocols and encryption. Additionally, as shown in the second screenshot in the image above they provided links to their support FAQs that they thought would help us as well.

Their support page has many useful answers to more common questions that users have asked as well as setup guides for other devices. Below is the support request page from the HMA website. Once you choose a reason for your request from this page you will then be presented with a form to fill out which requires varying information dependent on the request you chose. The basic information necessary for most forms includes your email address, subject, description of the problem, and attachments, such as screenshots or files.

You can download these custom clients from the HMA customer page by logging into their website. You can download the HMA! Pro VPN Beta version 3 from their website in the support area. Once you get on the support page, scroll down to find the link to help you install and use the new beta client. This page contains information on the new beta client and the link to download its setup to your computer.

After the installation finishes, which could take a while if it has to load the Microsoft. This is the account authentication screen. Simply enter in your username and password for your HMA account. Tap on the remember me toggle so that the client will remember your credentials and you will not have to enter them every time you log in. If you have forgotten your password, then tap on forgot password to start the process to reset it.

If you do not yet have an account, tap on the create an account button to go to the HMA website and subscribe. The next screen you will see is called the dashboard. This is the main screen for the new slimmed down client.

The dashboard has three different connection states: These are shown in the image below. The image below-left shows a screenshot of it in its disconnected state. Notice the background of the dashboard is white. The main components of the dashboard are as follows HMA donkey image — This is for branding and in the disconnected state it looks like it is bored and waiting. The connection switch — In its disconnected state the background for the switch is light gray.

Server location — This contains the name of the location of the server you have chosen or the last server that you connected to. The location shown in this example is Netherlands. IP address — In the disconnected state this will show your true IP address. Account — This contains information about your account. To connect to the server location shown, simply click on the switch and the connection process will begin. This will result in a screen like that shown in the middle above.

The last screen image above shows the dashboard in its connected state. Changes to the dashboard in its connected state include the following: The donkey image — The donkey is giving you a thumbs up indicating that you are good to go and carrying a mini flag of the country you are connected to, The Netherlands.

The connection switch — It is in its on state and its background is bright yellow. The final thing to notice about the connected dashboard is that the background is now teal. These cues make it easy to tell when you are connected to the VPN and thus protected. Clicking on the server location section of the dashboard will bring up the Servers screen where you can choose a new location to connect to.

This is shown in the image below. Servers on this screen are arranged alphabetically by country. They can be viewed either by country as shown in the image on the left or by city as shown by the middle image. The HMA network of servers is over countries strong so the best way to find a server and save scrolling time is to use the responsive search feature as shown in the image on the right. Clicking on this location will bring up a screen like the one shown below left.

This screen comes up if you are already connected to a VPN server at another location to confirm that you want to change locations. After you are connected to the Atlanta server the dashboard will reappear showing your new location and new IP address.

One other way that you can view the server list is by means of favorites that you have saved in the server selection screen. The first time that you select Favorites, you will see a screen like the one shown on the left below. This screen informs you that you must right-click on a location to select it as a favorite. This will result in an image like that shown in the middle above. Notice the location is highlighted and a yellow star is to the right of it. Click on the star to complete the favorite selection.

After doing this again with Amsterdam and Toronto, clicking on the favorites view will bring up a list of your favorites that looks like the last image above.

Protect your online privacy.

Date added: March 25th, – Trial 1 votes, average: The purpose of HMA! Pro VPN is to keep your identity and your data wholly secured. It can provide you with multiple IP addresses, servers, and locations.

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Developed to encourage those who have never used or con. HMA! Pro VPN for desktop now offers individual connection modes that. Hide My Ass (also known as HMA! Pro VPN) is a well-known service. They are a legitimate company, but the service is often used by people doing naughty. HMA! Pro VPN is a leading internet encryption service based on virtual private network technology. Whilst VPN’s are predominantly used to.

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