Microsoft will stop developing OneNote 2016 in favor of the Windows 10 OneNote app

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what is microsoft onenote 2016

Microsoft OneNote for beginners: Everything you need to know

OneNote for Windows 10 Credit: The change relieves Microsoft from having to develop two versions of the same app, but it tasks users of OneNote with moving to an unfamiliar version of OneNote. Microsoft has stopped updating the app but will continue to provide support, bug fixes, and security updates through October for Office support and October for extended support.

It will also be the default for users who subscribe to Office after Office launches. If you currently use OneNote and update to Office , the update will recognize OneNote and leave it in place. If OneNote for Windows 10 is installed as the default, it can be replaced with OneNote if you wish. You can sync the two versions through a cloud connection.

Directions for how to use OneNote for Windows 10 to move notebooks from your local drive to the cloud can be found here. Microsoft will provide instructions for how to do this sometime in the future. Microsoft How the two versions differ Microsoft has been focusing development on OneNote for Windows 10 in preparation for closing OneNote down. Users can create, insert and search for custom tags. File viewing. Office files saved in the cloud can be viewed and edited inside OneNote.

Class Notebooks. Here are the features Microsoft lists as only being available in OneNote Microsoft is focusing on only one version of OneNote. That me be true, but it’s still a chore that most of us wish we didn’t have to do. Kevin Murnane covers science, technology and video games for Forbes. A in History, an M. Read More.

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Microsoft OneNote has modernized the look of the tabs to match the rest of the Office suite of applications, and has added some new features that make this the go-to application for note taking. OneNote has a modern look. Microsoft OneNote is the only Microsoft Office suite application you can download and use for free without a license to the suite or subscription. The desktop application is available through the Windows Store, Mac App Store, and, of course, included in the bundled Office suite download. PC users will see newer features and improvements before Mac users.

VIDEO: What’s New in Microsoft OneNote ? – dummies

So the desktop version isn’t ‘dead’ or deprecated: OneNote may be the legacy version, but Microsoft video president and technical fellow. OneNote is the Great Organizer of Microsoft programs, ready to take However, there are some advantages to the OneNote desktop app. Microsoft OneNote has modernized the look of the tabs to match the rest of the Office suite of applications, and has added some new features that.

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