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Have you lost your Microsoft Office product key? Your Windows or Office software usually comes bundled on your computer, along with discs that contain the product license key. But losing these discs is easy and once lost you no longer have access to the product key. So should you want to reinstall the software you could, on the surface, have a problem.
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Remove and Re-add License Key for Office 2016 on Office 365

It is offered as an account containing a username and password that are needed to access the Office online interface. One account credential will allow you to install Office Professional Plus on up to 5 main devices. A main device could be a PC or Mac.

You can also issue an additional 5 license on 5 mini devices. A mini device could be a Tablet, Android or Iphone. Upon installation, your Office apps are activated automatically for life. Do note that licensing is unlimited meaning, you can remove a license from an existing device and reissue it to a new device unlimited number of times so as long as the 5 main device and 5 mini device limit are not used.

Office Professional Plus is unique as it can be used both online and offline. For online use on any PC without the need for installation, just login with your account and directly open the applications on your dashboard. See image below. Once you clicked the office app icon, Word for example, your web browser will automatically open the app and you can start working on any PC even without installed Microsoft Office.

You can also save your file via your free 5 TB Cloud Drive or locally to the hard drive. IMPORTANT Because Office Professional Plus is installable on up to 5 PCs or Macs and has a feature that can remove an existing license and reissue it to a new device unlimited number of times, it is best to use our offline installation guide to download the offline installer and then save it on a USB flash drive for future installation on other devices.

This will eliminate the need of having to download Office anew every time you install or reinstall. If you have already installed Office and you are certain it is a genuine copy, all you need to do is to sign in using the credentials we issued to activate your office. Click this link and read from step 6 of both the PC and Mac installation guide on how to activate Office by signing in. If you own previous releases of Microsoft Office below the version, it is of utmost importance that you remove them first before installing Office Professional Plus to prevent application errors.

Microsoft Office is designed in a way that it only allows one installation and once license to exist in a single device. After uninstalling Office, it is important to restart your computer.

Ensure that all existing licenses and installations of Microsoft Office are completely removed as mentioned above. After completion of payment, you will receive a username and password at the email your provided.

At your first login, you are required to change your password to ensure that only you can access your account. Welcome to your account dashboard!

If you want to configure the language, version and install other apps available for your subscription, choose the second option Other install options. Open the downloaded file and click Yes to allow the app to make changes to your device. Office will now download.

Depending on your internet connection, it could take several minutes. Office Professional Plus is now installed. Check out our guide on how to download and install Microsoft Office offline. This feature has been discontinued by Microsoft since October Your account username is NOT an email address.

Kindly add your outlook email address to use it with your Office account. Login to your Office account and click the cogwheel button on the upper right portion of your screen to access Settings.

Search and click Connected accounts. Enter the email address and password then click OK. Depending on your email volume, it can take several minutes for Office to import your email account. Once your account is completely imported, you can now send and receive messages using your own personal email on your Office account!

Uw productcode zoeken voor Office 365 Home, Personal, voor Hoger Onderwijs of voor Office 2013

Het kan gebeuren dat u na ontvangst van uw systeem de digitale productcode van Microsoft Office Home, Personal, voor Hoger Onderwijs of van Office verliest of kwijtraakt en dat u de code nodig hebt om uw Office-versie te activeren of opnieuw te installeren. Dit artikel gaat over een digitale productcode van Microsoft Office Home, Personal, voor Hoger Onderwijs of Office die u hebt ontvangen en vervolgens bent verloren of kwijtgeraakt. Uw digitale productcode zoeken Als u Office opnieuw installeert , hoeft u uw productcode niet opnieuw in te voeren om Office opnieuw te installeren. In dat geval gaat u naar uw accountpagina en klikt u op Installeren. U hebt een kopie van de factuur nodig. U kunt een kopie van de factuur opvragen via de Dell Support website Opmerking:

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In a situation where you have lost your Microsoft Office Home, Personal, University, or Office Digital Product key you need to be able. There are a number of apps that can recover your CD-key & product ID from a hard drive. I am partial to BelArc Advisor, which is a free download (for personal. Download the installer for Office Activation troubleshooter. To fix the licensing issue, you need to uninstall the product key from the Office.

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