Ultimate Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Remover

Sandeep Singh Last Updated: There is also chance that a Windows update can cause this problem, in all these three cases you get the error at the computer startup that Windows is not genuine, and also computer background changed to black screen. Please note that this is just an educational tutorial for the people who bought original windows and still getting this kind of error or people who want to buy Windows but are not able to buy at this point of time. We highly recommend you to buy genuine windows and do not support any kind of piracy.
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%FUM% windows 7 genuine remover free download

WAT system is responsible for keeping track of evaluation time and activation process of a Win 7 installation. After the evaluation period of Windows is over, WAT keeps reminding the user of activation by frequent pop-up notifications.

If not activated for long, WAT system then changes the desktop wallpaper to black background and the torture continues in one form or the other. All this exercise is to compel the user to buy a valid license key from Microsoft.

But not everyone can buy Windows, damn it! Remove WAT is a life saver in such situations. It makes any Windows 7, 8, 8. I tried every possible crap to get Windows 7 Ultimate activated on it, but no use. And the best thing is that no other Windows system file or setting is changed by this process which means you will get all the Windows updates from Microsoft as usual.

So to get freedom from Windows activation woes, download the zip file from the link given at the end of this post and extract the WAT Remover app. This happens because it is created by an independent developer with no trusted signature embedded. Anti-virus softwares check software signatures to authenticate them as trusted. So do not worry about any warning your dumb anti-virus gives about WAT Remover.

If the anti-virus does not allow WAT Remover to run then disable it the anti-virus first. Wait for the process to complete and confirm restart Done!! Welcome to your activated Windows! Many users have reported that it worked for them in activating Windows Vista, Win 8, Win 8.

So try it in your PC and let others know if it worked for you via comments. If Windows somehow after update or else again starts to show as non-genuine and prompt for registration at start up, then you will have to restore the WAT first and repeat the above process once again. Windows is genuine again. You can repeat this process as many times as required in the future. Update September — Unfortunately Box.

I will send you the new download link of Remove WAT. Hello, I am having the same problem with my PC as other folks. The message keeps popping up. This copy of windows is not genuine. Windows 7 Build I am using Windows 7 Professional. I even modified the reset for the rearm thing through the regedit. It worked for a while. And it is now saying I have to reinstall Windows 7 again.

What I have read about this software has been pretty good but I have also heard of a program called Windows Loader v 1. Could you please recommend what your thoughts are about this and could you please send me the link for the download to the one you think is best for my situation? Hey Shoaib, In order to shorten a long story, I will suffice in saying I hate people who assume they need your stuff more than you do.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I feel somewhat constrained to say the least. If WAT will unlock 7 starter, will you please send a link. Hence I would be much obliged Shoaib. Thanks, Forrest. If you have a Windows version which is asking for activation then WAT Remover will remove that buggy thing.

It is already activated so WAT Remover will do nothing in such case. I have sent you the WAT Remover download link — check your mail! I hope this helps. Hi Shoaib, I have been reading your article and posts and replies. You are helping so many people. So if WAT Remover will help me, thank you so much sending the link! I really appreciate your help in this matter.

Thanks again and have a great day. Thanks in advance.

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