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From developers testing apps to gamers playing on a large screen, users yearn for experiencing Android OS on a Windows PC, complimented with a mouse and keyboard. While BlueStacks has always topped the list of phone emulators for PC, few others are catching up insanely fast. Although the emulator works perfectly fine for other Android apps and enjoying the whole Android experience, it is best suited for playing massive games like PUBG or Justice League.
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November 29, For those who are wondering, there are numerous reasons why you might want to use an Android emulator on your Windows PC. For instance, Android developers can debug their apps right onto their desktop, gamers can enjoy Android-specific games on a larger screen and the list goes on. The problem with Android emulators is that a lot of them are finicky and tend to not work as advertised. All of these apps should work on Windows 7, 8, 8. The Remix Central app offers you recommendations of trending apps and games you can download.

It supports Google Play Store, so you can download apps and games with no extra setup. Specifically, you can map keyboard buttons and manage multiple games simultaneously on one screen. There are also a lot of under-the-hood improvements to improve gameplay. You can manually set signal strength, network type, location, battery and lots of other things that can help you debug your Android application. Free 2. Unfortunately, it comes preinstalled with Android Jellybean 4. The first time you open it, you are greeted with an ancient 4-year old Android version, with the main menu tucked in the right-hand sidebar.

Also, if you happen to discover new cool Android apps , you can have MEmu push the app right away to your phone via the USB cable. It supports keyboard mapping, so you can assign certain keys to simulate touch in specific areas of the screen. I really like the flawless pointer and keyboard integration in MEmu. Perhaps my only rant about it is that it ships with a really old version of Android.

You can upgrade to Android 5. Free 3. But as you spend some time with it, you are bound to fall in love with it. DirectX or OpenGL. It can be especially useful when you need to automate an action on Android , that would otherwise be very monotonous to perform manually.

To amaze you further, it comes with a rooted version of Android out-of-the-box. Also, the multiplayer feature lets you run multiple instances of Android at the same time. As you can see, Nox player is an amazingly feature-rich Android emulator that is let down only by an older version of Android.

Free 4. After all, BlueStacks is based on Android 4. But lately, BlueStacks has become a lot bloated and the competition has quickly caught up with it. Installing APKs is pretty easy too.

It comes with a couple of features that none of its competitors offers. The first one is the ability to live-stream to Twitch, so you can show-off you game playing skills to your followers. Other than this, it supports multitasking, much like an actual Android phone. The free version is riddled with ads and constantly nags you to install sponsored apps. So, you can get the premium version, which brings an ad-free experience and priority support. DuOS is based on Android 5.

One important thing you should know is that it does not come with the Google Play Store, but instead, ships with the Amazon App Store. On the hardware side of things, it supports gamepads and external hardware GPS. This means that you essentially have baked-in root user privileges and can run all the awesome root apps for Android. The full version comes with Android 5. LeapDroid LeapDroid is a powerful Android emulator that was acquired by Google last year and eventually shut-down you can still download it from other sources.

But make no mistake, despite the discontinuation, LeapDroid still manages to be one of the most robust Android emulators around. It is based on Android 4. It comes with full support for Google Play Store, so you can get Android apps and games up and running in no time. Other than this, it comes with full-screen mode support, a screenshot tool and the option to choose graphics rendering mode between OpenGL or DirectX.

It also supports keyboard mapping, so you can play games conveniently with keyboard shortcuts instead of having to awkwardly fiddle around with your mouse pointer. Furthermore, you can also set gesture details and simulate pinch zoom using the scroll wheel of your mouse.

If you can shove down the throat the fact that it comes with Android KitKat, LeapDroid is really impressive. Also, because it has been discontinued recently, the company behind it no longer offers any support.

Free 7. It is intended to be for development purposes but of course, you can use it for personal use, too. The free version comes with support for manually setting GPS coordinates, battery level, and camera. The premium version unlocks lots of new features like screencasting and remote controlling of Genymotion using an actual phone. Overall, Genymotion is the perfect Android tool for developers. This does not necessarily imply that these emulators are worthless.

If you feel that even after trying out the best Android emulators, none of them really suits your needs, feel free to give these emulators a try. Which one of them is your favourite Android emulator for Windows? Chime in your two cents using the comments section below.

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Minimum 1 GB Graphics Card is a must. Now, since you are aware regarding the minimum system requirements we can move towards the download and installation steps for Nox App Player Latest Version 6. Please wait for the webpage to load. Once the Setup File gets downloaded, please tap on the same to initiate the installation process. Again, you require maintaining patience as the installation process might take some time to complete.

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MEmu is the fastest free Android Emulator to play mobile games on PC. It provides extreme performance and superb experience, supports various system . Nox APP Player for Windows 1/7. PROS. Simple interface makes this app easy to use; Intuitive keyboard mapping for Windows 8 Simple, robust emulator. Nox app player is the best android emulator I have ever seen. Nox app player for pc has some amazing features. download bluestacks alternative for PC.

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