How to change the Windows XP Product Activation Key Code

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windows xp pro product key

Recover XP CD KEY

Support all languages versions. Support Microsoft Online Update. One key For One Computer,When you reinstall the operating systems or application software in the same computer,you can use the same key to activate again. You can pay through your PayPal account. Frequently Asked Questions: Is this a trial key or will the key expire? No, this is not a trial key.

The key will never expire. Where do the keys come from? The keys are issued directly from Microsoft. And only after payment it is received. Is the key legitimate? Yes, the key will pass WGA as the key is issued directly from Microsoft.

Has the key ever been issued to anyone else or previously activated? No, the key has never been issued to anyone else, nor has it been previously activated. Key is not retrieved from Microsoft’s system until such time as buyer purchases key.

Will the key allow for product updates? Yes, the key will allow for product updates for the life of the computer or installation. Will the key allow for tech support from Microsoft? Will you send me a copy of the software? Product key and Download Link will be sent via Email within 1 – 8 hours.

Do you accept all the methods of payment? We can only accept the PayPal and Credit Card payment right now. How long would the delivering takes? The key will be sent by email within 1 – 8 hours, after the payment is cleared. How do I find my order? Please check your mail box carefully, including your Spam box. If you still receive nothing in 24 hours, please contact us.

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If you have a purchased version of the Microsoft Operating System. If you have lost the original package you may not find the activation code as it is really hard to discover. Windows XP Professional OS enables the user to use the remote desktop connection which is a remarkable feature. It means the user can sit at one personal computer and access another computer remotely. This feature is not worthy. In Windows XP there is no longer need to install CD burning software in case the software needs to be burnt.

VIDEO: How to Find the Windows XP Product Key [Easy, 5 Min]

You will need your Windows XP CD, your computer (now if you are thinking, my computer wont work without finding out the cd key, your wrong you can install. FCKGW-RHQQ2-YXRKT-8TG6W-2B7Q8 Windows XP PRO Corporate serial Y6HQV-2 these are for unlocking the install CD key, once installed do not. Window xp key % working. Windows XP PROFESSIONAL ORIGINAL CD- KEYs: V2CMK7JD-3R89F-D2KXW-VPK3J KK7Y8-W3KKD-T8HXY-9G8D

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