WinThruster virus. How to remove? (Uninstall guide)

However, there are few positive words to say about this tool, either. Computer security experts consider this application as a member of potentially unwanted programs PUP family and do not recommend installing it nor purchasing its full version. It appears that it is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and even It sounds that WinThruster is a really helpful tool, which can freshen up your computer and boost its performance.

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No more cluttered desktop. No more screen freeze. No more waiting for your apps to open. Your PC is scoured of all issues – leaving it clean and clear to run like it should. WinThruster seeks and destroys the issues behind your sluggish PC – restoring it to speeds you haven’t experienced since you first turned it on. WinThruster is my “magic tool” that makes my computer work like new. Scans 15 Different Problem Categories WinThruster uses a comprehensive scanning technology that scans for issues in all areas of your PC that could cause performance issues.

These include: It is the foundation upon which OLE and ActiveX are based, and provides a means to re-use code without requiring re-compilation. In COM, a component is a platform-specific binary file that compliant applications and other components can utilize.

Programs incorporating a component’s services never have access to its internal data structure, but instead include pointers to its standardized interface. Thus, it is possible for components to interact with each other regardless of how they work or what language they are written in.

Uninstall Entries Whenever you install software on your machine it will leave necessary entries on your machine especially in your Registry. Most software comes with an Installer and an Uninstaller, but not all software is uninstalled properly so that it cleans up after itself.

It’s not necessarily the software’s fault as there can be many reasons for the program not being able to clean up after itself.

You might have an anti-virus that prevents a complete uninstall or another program that has blocked the uninstall process. There could be specific reasons for leaving traces in the Registry as a service for the user if he plans reinstalling the product and therefore leaves information behind. But there is also sloppy software that just hasn’t been written well and leaves Entries behind.

This is where WinThruster helps you out by finding unnecessary leftover Entries and erasing them. WinThruster will search uninstall registry areas to confirm that a valid file path exists to the files listed.

If the uninstall path to the file does not exist, the item’s placeholder in the registry will be removed. Font Entries If WinThruster finds any invalid Entries there it’s usually because there has been an application issue in an Office program, another word processing program, graphics and games, Font files are left corrupt but it’s easy to cure these inconsistencies and keep them from taking up space in your Registry.

WinThruster detects and confirms that fonts registered in windows physically map back correctly to the font file. If a font entry exists in Windows, but the physical file does not exist, the registry will be fixed to remove that items mapping. The fact that it has been installed gets recorded to the SharedDLLs registry key.

This allows Windows to keep track of how many times that dll has been installed. WinThruster will clean up this information and either reset or delete left over or faulty Entries. WinThruster scans the shared DLL locations of the registry to make certain that the associated DLL physically exists at the specified location.

If the DLL does not exit, WinThruster will automatically remove the faulty or missing reference from the registry.

Application Paths You can call this a Directory of which programs are where. If these paths are not correctly stated programs will fail or “get lost”. WinThruster will search and fix these issues and make sure they are written correctly in the Application Paths.

Registry programs remove items that do not map back physically to paths, etc. They do not repair in the sense of making a bad path somehow work. If the path does not exist, the item is removed. This has the effect of preventing potential issues that can slow down and even cause programs to crash. Help File Information Within most computer programs, there are links to help files that are there to provide you with help using the program.

It is frustrating when you click on the “help” section of a program only to have the program crash! WinThruster fixes this program by repairing invalid help file references so that those program help files work properly. Windows Startup Items Some programs will put themselves into the Windows Startup either because they are necessary for the computer to use during startup or because they can annoy you the most this way.

When uninstalled, moved or changed, they don’t always get unregistered registered correctly and reassigned; this therefore slows your PC down during startup, displays errors or just annoys you on your computer. WinThruster checks items that are set to always run on startup from various locations in the registry and confirms that these item files physically exist.

If they do not, the startup item can be removed from the registry from this scan. Here you can activate or deactivate each Startup Programs as you please, but be sure that you do not deactivate important Startup Programs such as Anti-Virus or programs windows needs to work correctly.

Registry Items that are assorted with non-existing files or Folders will show up here. Take your Temporary Files that are often created during startup, they are no longer necessary but have left a signature here.

Some programs will create Temporary Entries in this area while they are running and that is why you can suddenly find new Entries here even though you have just cleaned your computer. This has little consequences and you should not worry about it. WinThruster maps items in several registry locations to confirm that files and paths in these locations exist.

If they do not, this is considered a registry issue and these items can be removed. Program Shortcuts Ever had the Issue “Windows is searching for the program”? If program is uninstalled or moved, the Shortcut activation cannot find the right program to start.

WinThruster removes references to shortcut items that do not map back to the location shortcut contained in the registry. Empty Registry Keys Empty Registry Keys are created all the time on the computer when you move, uninstall or delete items.

While not necessarily an issue, generally empty keys offer no advantage to remaining in the registry. This option removes detected empty registry keys that contain no value information. Some keys are sometimes place in programs as place-holders whether they are used or not.

In some cases, some keys are considered “Self-healing”, which means that even though the key is deleted and thought to offer no value, some programs automatically will recreate these keys. File Associations As the word says, the Key are associated with a file. Its key has issues or faulty Entries; it will slow down your computer or make it impossible to open documents by double-clicking them.

File associations allow you to double-click on a file of a know extension such as a PDF file, word document, graphic file, etc. If the path that points back to the application that loads a specific file type extension is missing, then the file association will not work, and may cause your system to hang or become slow or unresponsive.

WinThruster detects issues in file association areas of the registry and will remove the bad associations from the registry. WinThruster scours your Windows registry to make sure that none your folder references are invalid entries. See the “Shared DLLs” link for more information about this relationship.

If these are mixed up or have errors, this can cause serious issues and slow down on your computer. WinThruster will make sure every ID is correctly associated with the right file. These are sound files that are directly associated with windows sounds and OS functionality.

Such as beeps and clicks for errors, message boxes, etc. These files often get moved, changed and corrected, but WinThruster will make sure your computer has registered them correctly and cleanup any issues. Problems here can cause errors, task failures, or even system crashes. Recognition Operating System:

How to remove WinThruster ?

April 18, WinThruster key is very known software per just one PC consumer. If you work with this tool, then you can shortly Optimize your PC. It software repairs miscalculation many things with the computer. The most recent version of WinThruster review is computer maintenance software.

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WinThruster, free and safe download. WinThruster latest version: Make your PC run fast again. WinThruster is a program for the Windows operating system that. Find out how to remove WinThruster from your PC. Manual and automatic WinThruster removal details provided. Free scan available. Get rid of. WinThruster is delivered to the system users with an evaluation license, which allows them to scan their computer for errors and receives a.

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