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Working with Microsoft Word, it can compare, convert, and verify content between documents. It maintains master copies of e-mailed documents, and its metadata search and removal feature removes entire sets of comments, revisions, and other changes. During the installation process, Workshare automatically selected the appropriate modules to install and gave us the option to deselect them or select additional modules. The main user interface’s ribbon-style toolbar and large, clearly labeled icons will fit well in business environments. A pop-up wizard let us quickly select files to compare.
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Workshare is a leading provider of secure enterprise file sharing and collaboration software applications. Compare offers fast and accurate document comparison. Connect provides online file sharing and collaboration.

Protect ensures metadata removal and policy enforcement. Each product is available to download and buy and has a free trial. Workshare Professional Collaboration Workshare Compare Workshare Compare makes the process of editing, revising and comparing documents fast and efficient.

Professional teams are able to compare multiple, lengthy, and complex documents quickly, with the highest level of accuracy. Comparisons are shown as a Workshare DeltaView, the industry standard for easy-to-read and accurate redlines. Accept or reject changes Manage changes directly in a DeltaView redline and progress to the next version faster.

Accurate comparison Category filtering and grouping eliminates the risk of missing changes. Workflow integration Buy Try More Workshare Connect Workshare Connect is a secure file sharing and collaboration application that enables users to store, share, and collaborate on content. Sync documents across devices for easy access to files, whether working online or offline. Share and review Bring documents, conversations and people together for more efficient collaboration.

Work anywhere Sync devices to access documents, and collaborate on the move. Data Location control Choose a storage location for shared files – in a particular country or on-premise. Mobilize and externalize DMS Buy Try More Workshare Protect Workshare Protect eliminates the risk of accidentally sharing sensitive data and ensures it is removed before documents are emailed or shared from any device.

Strip out sensitive data Remove metadata from email attachments without pop-ups interrupting workflow. Share for review Send cleaned attachments as secure links for controlled access from any device.

Enforce policy Buy Try More Workshare Professional 9 Workshare Professional 9 delivers a controlled way of comparing and sharing high-value documents, Workshare Professional 9 is designed to meet the needs of semi- and highly regulated industries. Compare, Protect, Connect All of Workshare’s applications, in a single, fully integrated product. Receive alerts when reviewers make changes and compare versions with a single click.

Protect documents Remove metadata and enforce policy when sharing sensitive documents. Integrated with workflows.

Workshare Compare features

I am a lawyer, I need powerful document blacklining software, and I buy Workshare for the compare function. First, to compare two docs, you have to transfer them into Workshare, which is painfully inefficient. Or Files? Having finally copied two docs into Workshare, you can then compare them. But there is no option for identifying the original version and the revised version. Workshare seems to assume that the file most recently saved is more recent.

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Download. Your products are available in the Workshare Download Center. > GO TO THE DOWNLOAD CENTER If you don’t have a Workshare Connect. Failed to load latest commit information. · CodeSIgVerify all teh things! 4 years ago. · ALL products get. Workshare” Protect eliminates the risk of privacy, financial or intellectual Download our new content security whitepaper and if you respond by March 1.

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