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I have liked it and I have also hated it. Since the last update though, I more than like it, I love it. I normally do not come to the App Store to write reviews but here I am. I love it because you can now download live Wallpapers for the iPhone X by watching ads. This is genius.
zedge live wallpaper android

6 Wallpaper Changer Apps to Make Your Android Phone Pop

Still or Live Wallpaper? Get the best of Both Worlds Using Liven April 15, People loved the interactive content and soon the feature became a big contender while taking on an iPhone fanboy. While the widgets still hold that charm and charisma, the live wallpapers are not as popular these days as they were once upon a time. The toll a Live Wallpaper takes on the battery life was one of the major reasons people started making peace with still photos as wallpapers.

Also, live wallpaper gives you the same thing over and again, and for the people who wanted something new everyday used automatic wallpaper changer apps or HD wallpaper downloader apps to give the phone a new look every day.

When compared to them, a live wallpaper with the same animation becomes boring at a certain point. Awesome Wallpaper Liven Zedge is an all-new app on Play Store that brings your still wallpapers to life by giving a touch of live effects. So let me take you through all the features of the app, but make sure you install it first on your Android phone to try out these features with us.

Liven Wallpaper Live for Android The first time you launch the Liven Wallpaper Live, it will automatically load with the default wallpaper you have applied at the moment and show you a preview with some effects on it.

Under Particles settings, you can select the kind of particles you would like to see over your wallpapers. These are the material that keeps on floating over your wallpaper and gives the live wallpaper effect to it.

All the changes you do in these settings will be visible in the preview window in real-time and thus makes it easier for you to choose the value.

The option of particles can be disabled at night to tackle low light scenarios. You can increase or decrease its opacity and even darken the wallpaper at night.

Talking about the night mode, the app gives you complete control over selecting the start and end time of day, night mode and the slider right there can be used to get the numbers right.

The scale Adjust settings can be used to zoom in and out. Simply tap on Double Tap option and choose the kind of interaction your would like to use. I personally favour the Shuffle Wallpaper option but the option to change the filters are also worth it. You can also choose to change wallpaper periodically which I am sure most of you will like and makes Liven different from other wallpaper apps out there. Just tap the Plus button and you can add wallpapers from device storage. Top 20 Free Icon Packs to Customize Your Android Closing Words The app is free to download, but some filters and effects are locked that can be unlocked by buying the pro version.

If you are a fan of customization and your wallpapers matter to you, you are going to love this app. Liven is still new on the Play Store and I am sure it will come up with good updates and features in the future. So, go on and try it out today.

Run Zedge on PC – Online Method (No Download)

Gadget Hacks Android gets a lot of love for its immeasurable amount of customization, and for the most part, you don’t even have to do any heinous hacking to swag out your Samsung Galaxy S3 or other Android device. From live wallpapers and custom launchers to 3D panoramic backgrounds and floating notifications plus about 40, other things , you can really do just about anything—even without custom ROMs or rooting. Honestly, the most complicated part is finding the customizations you like best. What if you could choose from a bunch of awesome softMods all in one place, without having to do any intensive searching?

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